SWEET DISHES with millet zone





  • Half cup of Browntop millet

  • 3/4th cup of crushed Jaggery

  • Half a cup of boiled & Cooled Milk 

  • Half a tablespoon of Ghee 

  • Cashews - 1 tableb spoon broken and roasted

  • Elachi powder- 1 teaspoon


  • In a teaspoon of ghee, dry-roast the Browntop millet till nice aroma comes and the color changes to slight brown.

  • Now add enough water and let it cook till it turns soft. While the 'Siri Dhanya' cooks properly, separately fry the cashews in half teaspoon of ghee and put aside.

  • Add one cup of powdered jaggery into a mixing bowl. Add enough water to it. Mix well. Strain to remove the impurities.

  • Heat it up to a medium flame and boil for 5mins until its slightly thick. In low flame, add cooked 'Siri Dhanya' and stir well to avoid lumps. Cook for 5 minutes. Keep stirring. Now add elaichi and Ghee.

  • Add half cup of milk and keep stirring continuously. Once it is mixed well together, add the cashews give a quick mix and serve.

NOTE: This can be made with Foxtail millet, Barnyard, Kodo and Little millet too.




  • Foxtail millet- 3 tablespoons

  • Pearl millet- 3 tablespoons

  • Finger millet- 3 tablespoons

  • Barnyard millet- 3 tablespoons

  • Kodo millet- 3 tablespoons

  • Little millet- 3 tablespoons

  • Moong dal- 2 tablespoons

  • Barley- 1 tablespoons

  • Grated jaggery- 1 cup

  • Cardamom seeds- 4 

  • Melted Ghee- 6 tablespoons


  • In a wide kadai, take all millets, moong dal, barley and cardamom seeds.  Roast it in a medium flame until a nice roasted aroma. Roasting takes 10-15 minutes. Make sure they dont burn.

  • Allow it to cool. Meanwhile, grated the jaggery and melt the ghee & roast the cashews.Now grind the roasted millets to a fine powder.Sieve if necessary.

  • After its ground smooth,add the grated jaggery and again grind it to a fine powder.Check for sweetness.Add more jaggery if u need.

  • Now take the ground mixture in a wide bowl.Make a dent in the center.Add the melted ghee and roasted cashews.Mix well with the ladle as the ghee is hot.

  • Once the mixture is warm,mix well with ur hands and make balls.Add more ghee if needed OR u can also add few drops of milk or water if u want to reduce the quantity of ghee.But the shelf life of laddu will be reduced if u add milk.So use it accordingly.

  • Make all ladoos and store in an air tight box.Enjoy.It stays good for weeks.

NOTE: This can be made with Foxtail millet, Barnyard, Kodo and Little millet too.




  • 1 liter milk

  • 50 grams foxtail millet

  • 4 to 5 saffron strands (optional)

  • 1/4 cup of freshly grated coconut

  • 1/4 cup organic jaggery powder

  • 1/ 4 cup mixed dry fruits


  • Add the milk into a  pan keep it on medium flame.

  • Soak the 'SiriDhanya' for 30 minutes. And then, wash the foxtail millet and drain extra water. Remember not to squeeze the grain.

  • As the milk boils, add the washed foxtail millet and saffron strands to the milk and let the milk come to a quick boil.

  • Then, turn the heat to low and simmer the kheer until the foxtail millet cooks well. This will take about 15 minutes. (Check with spoon)

  • When it is cooked well, add in the freshly grated coconut and organic jaggery powder and simmer for another 10 -15 minutes, stirring occationally so the milk does not condense and settle to the bottom. Check the sweetness as personal prefernce.

  • Turn off the heat and the kheer is now ready to be served.

  • Garnish the Foxtail Millet Kheer with mixed dry fruits.

NOTE: This can be made with Browntop, Barnyard, Kodo and Little millet too.