Free from stones and trash. Your grains are clean. We appreciate.

Your 'Unpolished' Millet rates are the lowest compared to all other offerings !!

Thank you

We get great guidance on what to eat, why and how from your outlet.

I liked all the easy recipes

on the site.thanx.

We used to wonder what the best foods are for my Diabetic husband. You cleared our doubts.

I cooked Brown top Millet(Andu Korralu).Its aroma itself makes me feel sooooo great. :)

I cooked Arika(Kodo millet) in pressure cooker like Rice and had it with 'Aviyal'. Tasted awesome.

Korra Biyyam pongal and upma are my regular bfast items. We make sweet payasam too with it.

Nice that you introduced 

parcel deliveries to

every where in the world.

When I thought of

best 'Organic ' food

for my students of Yoga,

I found the answer        at Millet Zone !

 Super Grains....

Feel like eating

the dishes as soon as

they are made

   Please Open more outlets

so as to reach to more people

Millets means Healthy Body -

No Diseases, No Doctors, 

& Finally No Expenses on keeping body HEALTHY.......!

My mother is Highly diabetic

and I am monitoring her sugar levels everyday. I can see wonderful results since 3 months since started eating  these millets.

I always wonder why your millets result in soft 'Rice' grains' when cooked. We are not happy with others.

            - Yoga Teacher