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RICE with 'Siri Dhanya'


               WITH  'MILLET ZONE' 


        Cooking with Siri Dhanya (the Special Millets)- Easy or difficult?

Making Rice and Rotis (Flat breads) with all 5 Siri Dhanya Millets is quite easy.

Also, all other preparations like Dosa, Idly, Pongal, Upma, Bisibelle bath & Biriyani is a simple matter slightly deviating from traditional cooking methods.

All 5 millets are dry grains with optimum/high fibre content of 8 to 12.5%,

Hence they need to be pre soaked for minimum period of 5 hours. 

Our unpolished grains love it when you pre-soak for even 5 to 8 hours.

Ideally pre-soak overnight and Rice will be great.


As you pre-soak, treat it like any regular rice. Just add 2 parts of water to 1 part of Grain (we call it 1: 2 ratio) 

and cook in a cooker with regular whistles as required by regular Paddy Rice.


If you are cooking in 'open vessel' or Matka(which is nutritionally best)  the water requirement will go up to 4 times the 'Millet Rice' (keep adding more as you observe)

Making 'Porridge or Ambali' involves 1:8 water for cooking. Learn about Ambali later.


ONCE RICE IS MADE : Rice can be eaten with curries, vegetable preparations, stew or with any of the soups.

Rice can also be made in to 'Lemon  rice' , 'Lime flavored Turmeric rice, Cumin rice', Curry Rice, Biriyani, Bisibellebath or even a dessert, using Palm Jaggery, coconut flesh and clarified butter.


Alternatively, you may mash the cooked Rice and try other innovative recipes using 

various broths and vegetables with cilantro/Coriander/Galangal/Ginger/Garlic/Cinnamon/Cumin seasoning/curd/Butter milk and/or tadka.


For 'Lemon  rice' , 'Lime flavored Turmeric, Cumin rice' : Use a little Organic cold pressed oil, curry leaves, Mustard seeds, 

Cumin seeds, Some Red or green or both- chillies after browning them, add 2-5 spoons of Tamarind juice and after 1 mt of simmering; 

finally add loosened Rice, salt Mix well, Sprinkle some coriander, Lemon juice(Only if needed)/pre roasted Sesamum seeds(Optional) and the dish is ready.


For Flat bread/Roti : You may use pure ground millet flour(any of the 5 Siri Dhanya) or 70% of millet flour, mix with 30% of Blackgram flourand make dough, adding 2 spoons of curd/Yoghurt, or you may add any finely chopped Green leafy vegetable like Palak (Spinach) or Methi (Fenugreek); finely chopped carrot, Coriander/cilantro or Dil leaf(saunf leaf) & few Fennel seeds(saunf)  to the dough 

and rest it for 60 minutes.

While rolling Rotis, use a smooth base with a thin coat of oil and use your fingers or rolling pin and any dry flour to make a slighly thicker Roti. 
Roast the rotis with Ghee or Oil or none -as per your choice.
Making ROTIs with Millet flour is also possible by using cooked and mashed pumpkin flesh OR mashed over ripe bananas. The flavours also now come in to Rotis.
Making Upma, dosa or Idly and Pongal : The procedure is same as traditional methods. Just use any Millet instead of Rice or Uppudu ravva in the preparation.
In the final stages of Upma, after adding pre soaked millet grains to tadka with vegetables etc, transfer the contents to a cooker for fast and safe efficient cooking.
To add softness to the  Idly, use only 1/2 cup of Uppudu ravva and 2 fistfuls of previously cooked 'rice' of the same millet, pre soak, grind the mix and ferment. 
While using FLAKES, rinse the flakes under running water for 5 minutes, rest the material for 15-25 minutes. They become fluffy and double in volume. Use them to make upma or any other recipe you like.
For more recipes of Upma, Pongal, Dosa, Idly please visit


ALWAYS try and open website in DESKTOP. you will see better visuals and info. 

ROTI'S with 'Siri Dhanya'

IDLY with 'Siri Dhanya'

DOSA with 'Siri Dhanya'


with 'Siri Dhanya'


with 'Siri Dhanya'

POORI with 'Siri Dhanya'

SWEETS with 'Siri Dhanya'

SPICY DISHES with 'Siri Dhanya'

LEMON RICE with 'Siri Dhanya'


with 'Siri Dhanya'

COOKIES with 'Siri Dhanya'

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